Veterinary Services

Animal Health and Comfort are our priority. Discover our veterinary services.

Consultations and Check ups

Being vigilant is the best way to keep your four-legged family member happy and healthy.

In consultations we evaluate suspicious changes in the animal’s behavior, or appearance, and if necessary recommend additional tests.

Prevention is your greatest weapon for your pet’s health , so you should consider having check ups at least 1x a year.

Vaccinations and Deworming

Vaccination is an essential procedure in disease prevention and one of the greatest achievements of medicine. Vaccines are derived from disease-causing, or chemically similar, agents. In the presence of this substance, the body produces antibodies, thus strengthening the animal’s immune system. Some vaccines have the ability to fully protect against disease, while others prevent the development of severe disease.

Deworming is the process by which the onset of parasitic disease is prevented or treated. Parasites can occur externally ( e.g. ticks or fleas ) as well as internally, ( e.g. Dirofilariasis or Leishmania ). Some parasites can even be transmitted to humans, responsible for diseases such as toxoplasmosis or even roundworms. Deworming is essential for your pet’s health and for yours.

Laboratory Analyses and Tests

Clinical tests serve to assist in the despite of certain pathologies and provide important information to the doctor, so that he can outline a plan of action. The lab work is performed in a veterinary clinical analysis laboratory.

NomadVet offers a full service of home sample collections and clinical analysis.

Microchip and Animal Identification

If you have not placed electronic identification (microchip placement and database registration) in your pet, NomadVet offers this service in the comfort of your home.

As per SIAC (Pet Information System):

The marking system with a electronic device called transponder (microchip) and the registration in the computer system allow establishing the linking the animal to its owner or, when applicable, to its holder and place of detention, enabling the liability of the animal’s owner for compliance with legal, sanitary, and animal welfare parameters.
The regulation of pet ownership is a measure to counteract abandonment and its consequences for the health and safety of people and the welfare of animals.
The prevention of abandonment of animals by promoting responsible ownership includes, among other obligations, the identification and registration of pets in the SIAC.

Passport and Veterinary Certificate

The pet passport is mandatory for dogs cats and ferrets moving between countries.

Nomadvet can arrange for your pet’s Passport, or Veterinary Certificate. To do this, you only need to contact us and schedule an appointment with us.

As stated in the DGAV (General Direction of Agriculture and Veterinary).

– Dogs, cats and ferrets moving between Member States
need to be accompanied by a PAC.

– An animal can re-enter the European Union (EU) from a third country
provided it is accompanied by a valid PAC issued in an EU country and
if the EU conditions remain completely identical on re-entry (see
DGAV Portal).

– Passports issued before 12/29/2014, remain valid for the entire
life of the animal and do not need to be replaced.

– Passports issued after 12/29/2014 must be of the new model
established by Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 577/2013.


Surgery encompasses a series of procedures that can be performed on the oral, dermatological, digestive, genitourinary, and other levels.

Due to the high degree of sensitivity of a surgical procedure, it cannot be performed at home.

NomadVet has agreements with veterinary centers to perform surgeries. The animal is evaluated by us in a pre-surgical consultation at home and then operated on by our veterinary surgeon with extensive experience in the area.

With us, your pet’s health comes first.

Veterinary Neurology

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Animal Behavior

If your pet has socialization problems, adopts aggressive or territorial marking behaviors, has recently suffered changes in its usual behavior, and you don’t know what to do?

Understanding your pet’s natural instincts and needs is important if you are to develop a strong trusting relationship with your pet.

Contact us. We will help you identify the origins for your pet’s stress and anxiety.

Medical or Palliative Treatment

Prolonged treatments and repeated dressings are easy routines to organize with NomadVet.

At a time chosen by you and without having to travel repeatedly, wasting additional time, the veterinarian will perform, at your home, all the procedures inherent to the treatment in progress and will evaluate its evolution.

Euthanasia and Funeral Service

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