How to avoid the vet in summer – 5 important precautions

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We vets love it when our pets come to visit us, except when they come for the worst reasons. There are a few things to watch out for in summer, so here are 5 tips to avoid visiting the vet unnecessarily.

Heat strokes

Pay attention to the hottest hours. Provide your pet with a cool, ventilated and shaded area. Outdoor dog houses exposed to the sun do not protect against the heat. Particular care should be taken with animals of breeds that have breathing difficulties (French and English bulldogs, pugs…), as they may not be able to thermoregulate effectively. Don’t leave animals in vehicles and always avoid the hottest hours to walk them. Choose mornings and late afternoons. Avoid synthetic sidewalks that tend to get very hot, such as tar roads (they can even burn the underside of your paws).


Our instinct tells us that if it’s hot, we should shear our animals for comfort, but that’s not the case. The coat plays an important role in regulating the animal’s body temperature, and shearing can make your animal more susceptible to temperature rises. So, if the coat is in good condition, instead of deep shearing, ask your groomer to just brush or trim it.

Water always available

Fresh, clean water must be always available. In addition to the importance of water for a number of bodily functions, water intake also plays an important role in body thermoregulation.

On the beach

In addition to the normal precautions against the heat (providing shade and water), you need to be careful with sand and seawater, which can not only irritate the skin, but also cause other problems such as otitis. At the end of the day, you should rinse the animal in fresh water. Also watch out for “artifacts” hidden under the sand that could be swallowed. Hooks, fishing lines, shells and even T-shirts. We’ve seen it all happen and more. Situations involving foreign bodies are always annoying and some are quite worrying.

Mosquitoes Fleas and Ticks

In this list, this is the only tip that requires a visit to the vet. In summer, parasite populations increase. In addition to the discomfort they cause, they can cause allergies, dermatitis and even transmit dangerous diseases such as leishmaniasis and heartworm disease. Refreshing swims on the beach or in the river can even reduce the effectiveness of some dewormers. Talk to a vet so that your companion is always protected. Contact us if you need our help. We are at your disposal and remember:

We come to you!

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