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The concept of the housecall veterinarian has come to change the lives of both pets and their humans. Not only can most medical procedures be carried out in the comfort of your own home, but they also have a number of advantages. ( see the list of all the services we offer. Click here )

Do you know how your pet can benefit?

  • Safety, because your pet has less chance of being exposed to other sick and/or aggressive animals in a waiting room.
  • It avoids stress, since most animals suffer when they go to the vet.
  • Disability, whether due to mobility problems, weakness, or other. We come to you for greater comfort and convenience.

Other benefits?

  • Saving you time is the first benefit, and that alone justifies using the home service. You don’t waste time leaving the house, navigating traffic or sitting in a waiting room while you wait your turn.

By contacting NomadVet you only need to make an appointment and your veterinarian will be at your door at the agreed time. Your time is freed up for chores or simply relaxing. No complications, no time wasted.

  • Don’t despair of boxes, groans and growls. Many animals don’t like going to the doctor and will show you exactly that.
  • With NomadVet you don’t have to pay extra for our service. Our prices are in line with the average practiced in other veterinary centers.

A dedicated and personalized home service usually comes with a higher price tag than a conventional one, but not in this case. At NomadVet we want to facilitate access to the best health services, without penalizing the wallet, on behalf of our best friends. That’s why our efficient structure allows us to keep our prices at market levels.

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